ITW Security and Brand Identity Group

Sporting iD is part of the worldwide ITW Security and Brand Identity Group™s Brand Identity Division. The group develops, designs, and manufactures a wide array of innovative, value added customer market focused products and solutions that help promote, protect, authenticate and secure their product and brand both in the public and private sector. Protecting and decorating everything from security documents, plastic cards (identification and transaction), to industrial and consumer products, the group brings its customers state of the art technologies, equipment, extensive research, development and testing capabilities, materials engineering and process management, as well as market expertise to create comprehensive and effective solutions that fit your product, brand and organization.

Global in reach, the group consists of three distinct divisions that include: Security, Brand Identity and Industrial Decorating Solutions (IDS) and includes the following ITW Companies:

Security Division  CFC International, CFC Europe, Coding Products, Fasver, ITW Card Technologies, ITW Covid Security Group Inc., ITW Imagedata, ITW Veneta

Brand Identity Division  BAL, CFC International, CFC Europe, Coding Products, ITW Graphics, ITW Trimark, and Technopack

IDS Division  CER, Heartland, Morlock, Trans Tech, and United Silicone


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